Day 15

The last day at Oronkai dawns, they had done so much whilst there and must have felt very accomplished. When you aren’t used to D.I.Y (as I expect most of these boys weren’t) it’s no mean feat to do what they did – walls painted, doors fixed, rubbish pits dug. Seeing the before and after […]

South Africa

We were delighted when Holly asked if she could take Matt’s ashes with her when she went to visit South Africa for six weeks. Holly was one of Matt’s oldest and closest friends, and they thought the world of each other. Matt would have loved nothing more than to have accompanied Holly on her travels, […]

Day 13

As I was sorting through the photographs to go with today’s journal entry I couldn’t help but notice that all of the locals had their photograph taken wearing Matt’s hat! Matt did mention that there had been several people who had made offers to trade for his hat. I’m not sure why they wanted it […]