Day 26

  What an enormous adrenaline rush today would have been. How Matt managed to complete his ‘straight-face challenge’ through the second set of rapids beats me, (he was so proud of that by the way), but it certainly made me laugh – you’ll have to zoom in on the photographs to get the full effect, […]

Day 25

  I’m not sure of the origins of the ‘Hedgehog Game’, no doubt it all started as a dare! Matt mentioned the game a number of times after he came back from Africa, usually with reference to Sam. Apparently Sam managed to get up to twenty cocktail sticks – a feat that, as you can […]

Day 24

It must have been strange after all of the activity of the trip so far to suddenly have a completely lazy day. Why am I not surprised that after the conclusion of the passport debacle, and the ensuing relief, it ended up with all of them playing a game of ‘Chase the Chicken’ …   […]

Day 23

  Finally the group get off the mountain and are ready to start their R&R phase. However, today was not to be as stress-free as they had probably thought that it would be …     Day 23 – 7th August  This morning camp was packed away much quicker thanks to the aid of our […]

Day 21

After their achievement of yesterday, the aches and pains of today must have been, whilst not unexpected, thoroughly demoralizing. At least they had the fabulous views to buoy them on their way down the final part of the mountain. The last part of today’s journal made me smile – I wonder if I ever found […]

Day 20

  I can’t begin to imagine the levels of exhaustion that the group must have felt during today’s trek, but the group photo at the summit certainly shows how happy they were to have completed their climb. I love that photo because to me it just encapsulates the pride that Matt felt of their achievement […]

Day 18

One of the things I remember Matt telling us when he got back from the trip was how grateful he was to the porters for carrying all of their luggage up Mount Elgon. I have been told that climbing at altitude is a very different experience to ‘normal’ climbing, even for the fittest amongst us, […]