Day 26

  What an enormous adrenaline rush today would have been. How Matt managed to complete his ‘straight-face challenge’ through the second set of rapids beats me, (he was so proud of that by the way), but it certainly made me laugh – you’ll have to zoom in on the photographs to get the full effect, […]

Day 25

  I’m not sure of the origins of the ‘Hedgehog Game’, no doubt it all started as a dare! Matt mentioned the game a number of times after he came back from Africa, usually with reference to Sam. Apparently Sam managed to get up to twenty cocktail sticks – a feat that, as you can […]

Day 24

It must have been strange after all of the activity of the trip so far to suddenly have a completely lazy day. Why am I not surprised that after the conclusion of the passport debacle, and the ensuing relief, it ended up with all of them playing a game of ‘Chase the Chicken’ …   […]

Day 23

  Finally the group get off the mountain and are ready to start their R&R phase. However, today was not to be as stress-free as they had probably thought that it would be …     Day 23 – 7th August  This morning camp was packed away much quicker thanks to the aid of our […]