Day 27

I remember Matt telling me about his sunburn. Although they were outside all of the previous day he probably hadn’t realised just how hot it was thanks to the frequent dips in the water during their rafting activities. I’m glad that it wasn’t so bad as to spoil today’s schedule. Travelling + severe sun burn, whilst memorable, does not make for an enjoyable experience!

Day 27 – 11th August

“The first thing I noticed when I woke up this morning was the sunburn on the front of my legs from the long day yesterday in hot sunshine. From the knee up to a defined line is pink and sore after which is normal, untanned skin. This meant I couldn’t just roll over and sleep again, so I got up and stretched my legs. For me breakfast this morning consisted of locally grown banana, watermelon, and pineapple mixed together in a fruit salad. After breakfast came paying for our accommodation in the Adrift campsite. This was a problem as the manager wanted twice as much as we were originally told. We stuck to our guns as she lowered and lowered until she finally arrived at what we wanted to pay. That done we packed up our tents for the final time and gave them to Alex who had showed up again for this purpose. We then got on the bus and started for Entebbe, our final destination.

On the way we stopped at a craft shop in Jinja and I bought a face mask for my brother and a wooden turtle. When I sat back down on the bus, I discovered that the back of the seat had snapped off and was now completely detached from the bus. I propped it up on a bag and reclined in comfort for the rest of the journey.

3 hours later we arrived at the Anderita Beach Hotel. Unable to believe our eyes, we got off the bus and gauped at the resort that we can apparently afford. With palm trees and thatched parasol shades on the beach of Lake Victoria, this really is paradise.

It got even better when we discovered that between between me, Chris, and Gav we have 4 double beds and an en-suite bathroom.

Excited, we dished out some food cash and headed for the much awaited “Goretti’s Pizzeria”. I ordered a curry which took its time in arriving but turned out to be very worth the wait. I also bought a little carving of a gorilla from a nearby trader, Satisfied, we went back to our room and chilled with the football on for a few hours. I soon grew bored and grabbed Sam to go and get a pre-dinner snack. We ordered some samosas and sat munching until everyone else came down for dinner.

We returned to the pizzeria and this time I had a huge hawaiian pizza which was really nice.

As insects were starting to come in from the lake (we were sitting on the beach) we headed back to our rooms.

Tomorrow I am leader, but I think its going to be a pretty chilled day.”

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