Day 28

Day 28 – 12th August

Whenever Matt went away he always took a pack of cards as part of his ‘essential’ kit. I think the game of choice was often Mafia, and I have to say it is a great game. I was introduced to it after Matt had been diagnosed with cancer and was bedridden at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for 17 weeks with a broken hip. I will always be grateful to Matt’s friends who came to visit frequently – it made all the difference to Matt (and Peter & I). Those games of cards, Monopoly, Balderdash to name a few kept his spirits high through the darkest of days – Thank you all xxxx

“I was rudely awakened this morning by the sound of a pack of wild dogs howling and baying for all their worth for a solid 5 minutes, This was followed by intermittent barking from certain individuals which prevented any getting back to sleep. As I was already up, I had a long shower and then went to wake everyone. Breakfast this morning was an all-you-can-eat buffet of sausages, eggs, bread, cereal and fresh fruit (bananas, watermelon and randomly papaya).

After breakfast we resolved to walk to Entebbe to have a look round and buy some more gifts. It quickly became apparent however that it was too hot to comfortably walk all that way. Luckily we soon came across some craft shops which were exactly what we were looking for. I bought an antique face mask and got a rhino thrown in free with a carved ebony box. Most people then wanted to abort our trek to Entebbe so the group split in two with Josh, Adam, Callum and Andy carrying on and everyone else turning back.

We ended up at a dodgy restaurant called the Sailor’s Hub for lunch, where I ordered effectively 2 dollars worth of spaghetti. It tasted o.k. but Sam pointed out that I should see if I kept it down before I commented as it was most likely boiled in the bacteria infected lake water. While we waited for the food we sat outside on the beach and watched little birds hovering about 5 m above the water before nose diving straight down to catch fish.

After lunch we walked up and down the beach in search of other restaurants but found slim pickings except for a cafe which sells caramel coffees which looked really nice.

With nothing better to do, we played mafia* until dinner (same restaurant as last night and same meal). During dinner Craig, Chris, Andy, Gavan and I swapped stories about near death experiences. If even half the stories that Craig tells are true, he has really seen some things in his time.

After dinner we went back to Sam and Callum’s room to play more mafia and then went to bed.”

*a card game.

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