Day 30/31

So, finally, they are on their way home. What an amazing trip they had! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as Matt did.

I do wonder where Matt got hold of a copy of a DK Eyewitness Guide to Dinosaurs – I’m pretty sure he had one at home when he was much younger, but I know for a fact that it wasn’t packed in his kit bag when he left Walsall!!

Day 30/31 – 14th/15th August

“Up early for breakfast, I made my final adjustments in packing and took my bags downstairs. With a couple of hours to kill, Chris, Gav and I went out to chill at the cafe. I ordered a cappuchino and Gav had a plate of chips. Once finished we got on the bus and made for the airport.

At one point we were stopped at a police checkpoint to be frisked, but we made it to the airport in one piece. After several seemingly identical baggage scans and metal detectors, we arrived in the waiting lounge where we had a lot of time to kill. I bought some amurala to take home and try, and I had several chicken pies and a mars bar.

Skipping ahead, I found myself on a plane to Doha, watching Iron Man 3 and Oblivion and then, when all else failed, I read a DK Eyewitness Guide to Dinosaurs in order to kill time.

Having whiled away 5 hours, we arrived at Doha, Qatar where it was unbelievably humid like last time.* With completely no money left, we sat down for 2 hours before boarding our final flight to Heathrow where I am now.

With 6 hours to go, I am going to pass this journal around for the people with whom I’ve spent the last 4 weeks to sign.”

*Even at night time, it is so humid and hot in Doha that it’s difficult to breathe.

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